Nadya Mitha

Nadya Mitha

Member Wealth Management Representative

Domicile State: Ga
Phone: 770-551-3407
Mobile Phone: 678-923-8462

As a financial services professional with The Piedmont Group of Atlanta, helping clients take care of their families is Nadya Mitha’s top priority. Nadya is passionate about providing financial strategies that protect individuals, families and business owners against unexpected loss of income. “My clients come to me because they feel, like I do, that family comes first and they’re looking for help to make sure their families are protected financially,” says Nadya. “I work with them to plan for the future and give them the peace of mind knowing they’re taken care of their families no matter what happens to them.”

Nadya’s services are especially valuable to families with young children who need toplan for income protection, paying for college, and saving for retirement. That’s because regardless of income level, most people have goals of providing for their families and enjoying a comfortable retirement. Nadya understands the economic struggles of young families and the difficulty of protection planning from her own experiences, and believes firmly that even small steps in the right direction can make huge difference. She has conducted educational seminars on goal-setting to help people get started on planning for financial security.

After graduating from California State University with a degree in marketing and new business venture, Nadya began her financial services career in 2007. She was looking for a career in which she could balance career development with the needs of her growing family, and after meeting with a senior partner in a financial services firm, Nadya quickly realized as a financial services professional she could not only achieve her own goals, she could build a career around helping other people achieve theirs. After several years, Nadya’s husband Amin joined her in the financial services industry, with family as a key part of the decision, and they’ve enjoyed a successful partnership that works well in the office and for the whole family.

Since beginning her career with The Piedmont Group of Atlanta and Member Wealth Management, Nadya has achieved numerous sales awards including being named Rookie of the Year in 2007, a Cultural Market Leader 2007-2010, New Advisor of the Year in 2012, Advisor of the Year in 2013 and Piedmont’s Agent of the Year in 2013. A member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Nadya was named one of NAIFA’s top 40 Female Advisors in 2013.

Community and spirituality are integral to Nadya’s career and her life. She is heavily involved with charitable giving, both for herself and her clients. Nadya is an active member of the Aga Khan Foundation, serving on the Southeast Region Community Social Welfare Board to focus mind, body and spirit in the areas of health, financial, education and family. That’s consistent with her passion to help families plan for a secure financial future because to Nadya, financial strategies aren’t about dollars or documents – they’re about taking care of people you care about and achieving peace of mind for those who do.